Sometimes you’d just love to add some comments to a page you are about to print. Or maybe you want to highlight an important section by highlighting the text or putting an oval or rectangle around it. The Preview application makes this really easy with its Annotation Toolbar.

In this video I show you how easy it is to add these to your printouts:

  • Text
  • Arrows
  • Ovals
  • Text highlighting

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In the previous video I showed you how to make nice text printouts using Safari Reader. But what if you want more than just the text?

Well, if you are ready to take the leap into Safari Extensions then I’ve found a great one that will let you pick and choose which parts of a web page you want to print. It’s called PrintPlus. You will need to install it but Apple makes it incredibly easy to install Safari Extensions.

Using PrintPlus is a piece of cake. How’s this for simple: [click to continue…]


In the previous video on how to preview a printout and print selected pages, we saw how the Preview application is a handy tool for finding which pages of a printout have the part you want. That method works regardless of which web browser you use.

But Safari users have another tool at their disposal that can help make absolutely gorgeous text printouts. It won’t help if you also want to also print out images or want to capture the page design. If you want to do that, you need to read and watch How to print selected parts of web pages with PrintPlus.

But for printing just the text of a web page, I think using Safari’s “Reader” feature is best. In this video I show you how to use Safari Reader to make beautiful text printouts. It even gives you some control over the size of the type. [click to continue…]


Computers were supposed to let us save lots of paper but they’ve actually made it easier to use much more. Sometimes you just want to read or save a web page on paper. But you don’t need to let a poorly designed web page waste a bunch of paper.

Unfortunately some web pages look terrible when you print them. A graphic header and navigation buttons might look nice on the screen but, if not designed for printing, they often get strewn across pages of paper. And while you might like skimming through other readers’ comments on a popular article, if you print them out you might need to refill your paper tray.

If you want to print just part of a web page, then you’re going to need to figure out which pages that part is going to show up on and how to tell your Mac that you only want to print those pages.
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