Sometimes you want to open a single bookmarked web page, but other times you need to open a bunch of related sites. Maybe you like to start your day with the same set of tabs like a news site, Facebook, and your web-based email site. You could open each one at a time, or you could use one or both of these tricks to open them all at once.
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Hey Mom, if you get too many Safari windows scattered about your screen, in this video I show you how to quickly merge them all back into one window. [click to continue…]


Hi Mom. Now that you learned how to use tabs in a web browser like Safari, this video will show how to move a tab to a new window. Then I’ll show you how to drag a tab from one window to another. Finally, I’ll show you a Safari setting that will make moving tabs much easier. I don’t know why this setting isn’t the default but fortunately you’ll only need to set it once and then you can forget about it. [click to continue…]


Hi Mom. I know you’re sometimes frustrated by losing a chat window when surfing to another website so in this video I show you how using web browser tabs (like in Safari) can really make your life much easier. [click to continue…]