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I’m not really sure where the last four weeks went. Like my Grandma does, many readers wrote to ask why I wasn’t writing more. Well, as with my Grandma, I feel guilty I haven’t. I promise I’ll do better in the New Year.

But, with Christmas tomorrow and Hanukkah half over, I figured it was better to send this little stocking stuffer now than to wait until I had even more new videos to tell you about. [click to continue…]


Do you regularly visit some websites just to check one section of a web page? Maybe a “Most Popular Now” list, a local weather forecast, sports scores, or a frequently updated featured video? Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily keep tabs on those sections with a single keystroke?

Safari and the Mac Dashboard makes this easy with a feature called Web Clips. You highlight the web page section that interests you and Safari can place it right on your Dashboard as a new widget. Then, every time you view your Dashboard (usually with the F4 key), the widget you made will display an always updated view of that Web Clip. You really have to see it to believe it, so watch this video to see how easy it is. [click to continue…]


I like to keep tabs on the weather in my neighborhood but also other places I like to visit. All the weather widgets I reviewed in “Dashboard weather widget review” only display information for one location, but that’s not a problem since the Dashboard lets you add multiple copies of a widget. Watch this video and see how I create my dream weather monitoring display using multiple copies of two different widgets. [click to continue…]


Your Mac comes with a weather widget already installed on the Dashboard, but there are many more to choose in the “Information” category on Apple’s Dashboard Widgets page. Each has some neat features but also some drawbacks. Watch this video for a quick review of five popular weather widgets.
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I received many comments and emails about my recent article on How to check memory usage on your Mac and the iStat Pro Dashboard widget I installed and demonstrated in that article’s video. Many readers installed that widget and liked having more insight into their Mac’s memory usage, but some found the variety of system information displayed in iStat Pro to be a bit overwhelming. Never fear–iStat Pro is highly customizable. Watch this video to see all the ways to adapt the widget to your needs. [click to continue…]


Mac OS X has a handy feature called the Dashboard that lets you quickly see a variety of information as a semi-transparent layer over your Desktop and open windows. I use mine for easy access to the weather in three towns, tracking a handful of stocks, monitoring my system, a handy calculator, a little calendar, and what movies are playing in my area. But yours could have a completely different set of tools, which are lovingly called “widgets”.

Watch this video to see three ways to display the Dashboard and how to add, configure, and remove the information widgets on it. [click to continue…]


How to check memory usage on your Mac

September 13, 2011 Mac OS X

Does your Mac run slowly, sometimes turning your cursor into that darn spinning beach ball? It may be because your running applications have used up all your memory. In the video below I show two tools you can use to check how much of your Mac’s memory is being used, and what numbers to look […]

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