Mac Help For Mom readers obviously want to protect their computer files (photos, music, videos, documents) for the future. How can I tell? How to set up Time Machine backups to an external USB drive is the all-time most popular article on the website, has received the most comments, and is the most popular Mac Help For Mom video on YouTube with over 120,000 views!

A comment there from Darwin highlights one of the biggest weaknesses in backing up: What happens if the power goes out while files are being backed up?
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There are two types of people in the world: Those who have forever lost important computer files, and those who haven’t…YET! Most people in the first group have learned their lesson (the hard way) and are now backing up their computer on a regular basis. If you are in the second group you have two options:

  1. Experience a painful loss of important photos, videos, music, emails and documents, and THEN start backing up, or
  2. Learn from the first group and start backing up your computer NOW!

It’s your choice, but don’t say you haven’t been warned. All hard drives will fail, it’s just a question of when. Even computer geeks accidentally delete a folder of important files when they meant to delete something else. If you back up your computer regularly and correctly, these otherwise devastating catastrophes become a minor hurdle that you can overcome quickly. And you’ll pat yourself on the back for being so intelligent for having a good computer backup.
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I was afraid that my article and video on “How to upgrade memory in your Mac” may have been a bit geeky, but I was overwhelmed by how many readers were interested in the topic. Some dove right in and bought more memory for their Mac.

Newsletter subscriber Dean wanted to upgrade his MacBook Pro and asked a great question about what size memory modules he should buy. I told him that first we had to find out what memory modules he already had. In this video I show how to quickly figure that out. I also discuss memory configuration options and some things you absolutely must get right when buying upgraded memory for your Mac. [click to continue…]

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As I recently showed in How to check memory usage on your Mac, sometimes your demands on your Mac are greater than its memory can handle and your computer’s performance suffers. Replacement memory is inexpensive (this wasn’t always the case) and can be surprisingly easy to install.

Opening up your Mac computer and upgrading the memory may sound like a scary proposition, but it shouldn’t. You do need to handle the memory and computer carefully (more on this later) but the process is often simple. In this video it takes me less than four minutes and one screwdriver to upgrade the memory in my MacBook Pro.
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