You’ve cropped a photo using the methods discussed in “How to crop photos in iPhoto”, but you need to export it to a file so you can upload it to a website. How do you control the actual dimensions of the exported file? Watch this video to find out. [click to continue…]

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Even the best photographers need to crop their photos sometimes. The photos the rest of us take can almost always be improved by a little cropping, and maybe a bit of straightening. Sometimes cropping is just for effect, other times you need to get your photo into a certain proportion, possibly for a postcard, a particular frame size, or maybe to perfectly fit your computer display or iPhone. In this video I show how to use iPhoto to straighten, crop, and even add some edge effects if you like. [click to continue…]


iPhoto doesn’t have near the photo editing capabilities of professional applications like Photoshop or even Apple’s more advanced Aperture, but it does have a range of color adjusting features that are conveniently grouped so you only need to get as advanced as you feel comfortable. In this video I demonstrate simple to advanced methods to adjust the color in a photo, as well as some other tips. [click to continue…]


Do you often load a bunch of photos from your camera and then delete many of them? If you aren’t emptying your iPhoto Trash and Mac Trash, those photos are probably taking up valuable disk space. Here’s how to clean things up. [click to continue…]


So you’ve just exported some photos from iPhoto and you want to burn them (or any files) onto a CD or DVD. Your Mac makes this easy. Here’s how. [click to continue…]


You’ve got some great photos in your iPhoto library that you’d like to share with friends or family so you want to burn them onto a CD or DVD. Naturally, you’d think the best way would be to go to the Share menu and choose the Burn option. Guess again! That only works if you are sharing with other iPhoto users and even then it doesn’t work very well. Instead, you should use this approach. [click to continue…]


How to email photos from iPhoto

June 14, 2011 Email

iPhoto is a handy tool for organizing and editing your photo collection. In recent articles I showed you how to attach photos from your iPhoto library to emails in Apple Mail and in GMail. But you can also email photos right from iPhoto. Not only is it convenient if you are already browsing your photo […]

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How to attach files to emails in GMail

June 9, 2011 Email

GMail has all the email file attachment features of Apple Mail, but also benefits from being web-based. Besides the usual advantages of running on the web, like being backed up by Google and being available from any computer, GMail values your time by making your writing and sending process more efficient. All you have to […]

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How to attach files to emails in Apple Mail

June 9, 2011 Email

Whether it’s documents for work or photos of the (grand)kids, someday you’re going to want to attach files to your email. The Apple Mail application offers various ways of doing this so you can pick whichever is most convenient at the time. Watch this video to see the many attachment methods and also how to […]

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How to change your desktop background

December 21, 2010 iPhoto

As I shot this video daily rainfall records were being set all throughout Southern California. But just because it’s gloomy outside doesn’t mean your Mac desktop  needs to be drab or boring. In this video I show you how to change your desktop background from within: System Preferences iPhoto Safari

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