One of my Mom’s biggest complaints with the recent Gmail “upgrades” is that most of the buttons no longer have words on them. For instance, when viewing an email, you’ll see this toolbar above your email.

Gmail icon buttons

Well, I just stumbled across a Gmail setting that let’s you put text labels back on those Gmail buttons. [click to continue…]


iPhoto is a handy tool for organizing and editing your photo collection. In recent articles I showed you how to attach photos from your iPhoto library to emails in Apple Mail and in GMail.

But you can also email photos right from iPhoto. Not only is it convenient if you are already browsing your photo collection, but iPhoto’s “Share Email” feature makes it easy to create beautiful looking emails in a variety of professional-looking layouts. Watch this video to see how. [click to continue…]


GMail has all the email file attachment features of Apple Mail, but also benefits from being web-based. Besides the usual advantages of running on the web, like being backed up by Google and being available from any computer, GMail values your time by making your writing and sending process more efficient.

All you have to do is [click to continue…]


Whether it’s documents for work or photos of the (grand)kids, someday you’re going to want to attach files to your email. The Apple Mail application offers various ways of doing this so you can pick whichever is most convenient at the time.

Watch this video to see the many attachment methods and also how to tell Apple Mail to resize the images you’ve attached. [click to continue…]


You’re looking at a great web page, maybe an insightful article or a funny video, and you want to email it to some friends. Should you try to copy the contents of the page and paste it into an email message, or should you just send your friends a link to the web page? Will you somehow copy and paste it or is there an easier way? (Yes, there is.) [click to continue…]


Are you tired of changing the text style every time you write an email? Wouldn’t it be great to set your favorite font, text size, and color and have your email program use it every time you write an email?

Some email programs will let you save your favorite text style, but each program behaves differently. Gmail and Yahoo Mail will let you set a default text style for the emails you write but they unfortunately don’t let change the text size of emails you’re reading. On the other hand, Apple Mail lets you control the look of emails you read, but forces you to choose your favorite text style whenever you write an email. [click to continue…]


What is good email forwarding etiquette?

May 10, 2011 Email

A reader from Montrose, CA said that he gets lots of emails that often have pages of annoying email forwarding history on top. That’s what happens when someone forwards an email and leaves the previous sender’s recipient list on top of the message. The next person does the same thing when they forward it on […]

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