This may sound silly but here’s a video about how to watch videos. Please stick with me a minute.

My Mom was having trouble remembering all the details in some Mac Help For Mom videos, so I asked how she was using the videos. She said she took notes while watching and then would try to follow the notes to do what I taught. I suggested that instead she watch the videos and follow along with the steps at the same time. This video shows how easy it is to switch back and forth between watching a video tutorial and immediately practicing what you learn. [click to continue…]


You’ve got a bunch of browser windows or tabs open–one for email, one for Facebook, your favorite news site, and a few articles you read halfway before getting distracted. You need to shut down or restart your computer but you’d like to open all those windows and tabs the next time you start your browser. Well, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome all give you ways of doing that. [click to continue…]


Reader Linda submitted a question a few days ago that reminded me that I’ve noticed many people think that they can quit an application by clicking the little red X button Little red X button in the upper left of a window. When I switched to a Mac a few years ago I thought the same thing since Microsoft Windows has a similar button that does quit the application.

On the Mac, the red X button does not quit the application, it just closes that window. The application is still running, possibly with no open windows. Often this won’t cause you a problem but in Linda’s case it did. She was trying to update her version of Safari and the update installer asked her to quit Safari so it could continue. She thought she had since she’d clicked the red X button and there were no Safari windows open.
[click to continue…]


Hey Mom, if you get too many Safari windows scattered about your screen, in this video I show you how to quickly merge them all back into one window. [click to continue…]


Hi Mom. Now that you learned how to use tabs in a web browser like Safari, this video will show how to move a tab to a new window. Then I’ll show you how to drag a tab from one window to another. Finally, I’ll show you a Safari setting that will make moving tabs much easier. I don’t know why this setting isn’t the default but fortunately you’ll only need to set it once and then you can forget about it. [click to continue…]