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How to Use Web Browser Tabs

Hi Mom. I know you’re sometimes frustrated by losing a chat window when surfing to another website so in this video I show you how using web browser tabs (like in Safari) can really make your life much easier.

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Browser tabs let you use your web browser for multiple things at a the same time. This video shows how to open and close tabs in Safari, and the technique works similarly in Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

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  • debby May 4, 2011, 8:49 am

    this guy is a hunk in my book!!! love the way he explains things. so glad I found this site.
    I’m currently borrowing a Mac to see if I want to buy my own. now that I can get a private tutorial when ever I want I think I will make the jump from a PC to a Mac!

    • Steve May 4, 2011, 9:08 am

      Wow, thanks Debby. Don’t be surprised if I’m blushing in my next video. If you liked this video, check out the follow-on video about how to move a browser tab to a new window.

      I was a long time PC user (20+ years!) and I admit that I used to sometimes even make fun of Mac users with their cute computers. Then I got one a few years back. It took about a week of learning a few differences but then I was completely sold.

  • jac mills November 5, 2011, 10:27 am


    The video on browser tabs was great. I was doing my switching the hard way. Thanks.

    When I played your video I got three Google ads right in the middle and I had to delete. I have to do that always, it seems. Is there any way I can disable ads by Google like that. Thanks again for all your fine support.

    jac mills

    • Steve November 5, 2011, 10:53 am

      Hi Jac, I’m glad the video helped you. As far as the Google ads, I’m not sure if this is what you were doing, but you can make them disappear by clicking on the little X in the upper right corner of the ad. I don’t know any way for you to disable them completely. FYI, those ads are currently the only way the site makes a tiny bit of money. But don’t feel bad about clicking them off. Turning off the ones that you don’t find relevant and clicking on only the ones that you do find useful is actually how Google is supposed to learn which ads match your needs best.

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