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Read before upgrading to Lion (Vol #12)

Inside: Lion incompatibilities, right-clicking

I know it’s only been two days since my last newsletter but I wanted to try to catch you before you possibly caused yourself some grief by upgrading to the new Mac operating system, OS X Lion. It sounds like Apple has added a ton of new features to Lion BUT I need to warn you about what they’ve taken out.

Apple giveth and Apple taketh away

Unfortunately, this newsletter won’t reach Keith in Australia in time. He already wrote to tell me that his version of Microsoft Office no longer works now that he upgraded to Lion. He also can’t use his expensive Epson photo scanner. To add insult to injury, his 2008 iMac only had 1 GB of memory so he had to buy more memory to meet the 2 GB minimum requirement before upgrading.

The cause of Keith’s troubles is that Lion no longer supports software applications written for the PowerPC. Since Apple switched to Intel processors years ago, very few Mac users still have a Mac that actually has a PowerPC processor. But, until now, Mac OS X has done an amazing job of magically letting PowerPC applications run on the Intel-powered Macs.

That means that you may be happily using some PowerPC applications and have no clue that they will absolutely NOT work if you upgrade to Lion.

Fortunately it’s really easy to find out if Lion is going to cause you grief or if you can soon be happily roaring about how great it is. Just take a few minutes to watch the video in this brief article.

How to check if your software can run on OS X Lion

I appreciate all the responses subscribers already submitted to my “when will you upgrade to Lion?” poll. If you didn’t already answer (or if you that video changed your mind one way or the other), could you take a few seconds and answer this one-question poll? Thanks.


The “right” way to click

I couldn’t write you with nothing but dire warnings. So here’s an article and video about something you probably already know one or two ways to do, but I show you SIX ways to do.

When I switched from a PC to a Mac a few years back, I’m pretty sure my first question was “but how do I do a right-click?” Well, subscriber Larry asked me the same thing, so I made a video answer giving him five different ways. And as you’ll see in the article, after I made the video I learned yet a sixth way!

How to right-click on a Mac

Word of the Week

WotW is taking a break this issue. But why don’t you reply to this email and give me your suggestion or two for a Mac-related word that you’d like to understand better.

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