Sometimes you want to open a single bookmarked web page, but other times you need to open a bunch of related sites. Maybe you like to start your day with the same set of tabs like a news site, Facebook, and your web-based email site. You could open each one at a time, or you could use one or both of these tricks to open them all at once.
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You’re looking at a great web page, maybe an insightful article or a funny video, and you want to email it to some friends. Should you try to copy the contents of the page and paste it into an email message, or should you just send your friends a link to the web page? Will you somehow copy and paste it or is there an easier way? (Yes, there is.) [click to continue…]


You’ve got a bunch of browser windows or tabs open–one for email, one for Facebook, your favorite news site, and a few articles you read halfway before getting distracted. You need to shut down or restart your computer but you’d like to open all those windows and tabs the next time you start your browser. Well, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome all give you ways of doing that. [click to continue…]


Hi Mom, this video will show you how to install Chrome for Mac on your computer. The process is basically the same for any other software you might download from the Internet, so watch carefully.

Anyway, Chrome is a relatively new browser from Google. It works basically the same as Safari and Firefox, but you might notice it’s faster, especially on Google products like Gmail. [click to continue…]

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