Safari bookmark tips – “Open in Tabs” & Auto-Click

March 14, 2012 in Web Browsers

Sometimes you want to open a single bookmarked web page, but other times you need to open a bunch of related sites. Maybe you like to start your day with the same set of tabs like a news site, Facebook, and your web-based email site. You could open each one at a time, or you could use one or both of these tricks to open them all at once.

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Open in Tabs

In Safari, at the bottom of each folder in the Bookmarks Menu and Bookmarks Bar you’ll see an “Open in Tabs” option. Chose that and every bookmark in the folder will instantly be opened, each in its own tab. Many other browsers have a similar option–Firefox calls it “Open All in Tabs”, whereas Google Chrome calls it “Open All Bookmarks”.

Beware: When you choose “Open in Tabs”, Safari will replace all the tabs in your current window with tabs for all the bookmarks in the folder. If this is not what you want, then open a new window before choosing “Open in Tabs”. If you realize too late that your previous tabs have disappeared, don’t worry–fortunately clicking the Back button will return you to how things were before you chose “Open in Tabs”.

Firefox, on the other hand, leaves your current tabs alone and opens new tabs alongside them for all the bookmarks in the folder.

Google Chrome takes the “put the user in control” approach and actually offers three options: “Open All Bookmarks”, “Open All Bookmarks in New Window”, and “Open All Bookmarks in Incognito Window”.


A really nifty feature that I’ve only found on Safari is setting a folder on the Bookmarks Bar to “Auto-Click”. Clicking on an “Auto-Click” folder will open all the bookmarks in that folder. Yes, this is just the same as “Open in Tabs”, but it only takes a single click. You can set a Bookmarks Bar folder to “Auto-Click” in the Bookmarks List and, once set, you’ll see a little solid square (instead of the usual downward-pointing triangle) next to the folder name on the Bookmarks Bar.

As I demonstrated in the video above, I set a “Start Me Up!” folder to “Auto-Click” so I can instantly open all the pages I like to check out first thing in the morning. However you use “Open in Tabs” or “Auto-Click”, they can help you spend more time being productive on your Mac.

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