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How to move the Dock to the side

Almost everything we read (8½ x 11″ paper, web pages, etc.) is taller than it is wide, yet most computer displays are wider than they are tall (and the newer wide screen ones are much wider). So often you’ll have unused screen space on the sides of your browser, while wishing you could stretch your web browser or word processor into that space at the bottom where the Dock is.

Fortunately it takes just a few seconds and a couple clicks to move your Dock to the side of your screen. Now you can stretch your windows to the bottom of your screen and often get another paragraph in view.

Watch this video to see how to move your Dock and also how to hide it until you need it.

Video too small? Watch full screen by clicking the YouTube Full Screen button button here

Another way to find most of the Dock settings is under the Apple menu. Look for the (not surprisingly) “Dock” menu option.

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